Once a crown city of Croatian kings, Biograd on the sea is today a well-known turist a nautical center in the very center of the Adriatic coast. The city is of ideal size for living. It lies on a peninsula surrounded by modern marinas looking onto the unforgettable sea strait of the Pašman canal and the islands scattered in it.
geographic position in the heart of the Adriatic surrounded by national parks and nature parks, a rich tourist tradition with cultural and sports amusements are only some of the reasons for choosing Biograd as a destination for an interesting and dynamic vacation.
     Biograd on the
sea is a royal Croatian city first mentioned in the mid 10th century, while in the 11th century it was the center of the Croatian Kings and bishops. The city flourished as the seat of Croatian rule of the Middle Ages, and in 1102 the Croato-Hungarian king Colomanus was crowned here. Many material proofs of the rich and tumultuous past of this Biograd region have been stored in the interesting Homeland museum.
to its special position in the center of the Adriatic and to its numerous boat ties in the newly equipped marinas KORNATI and ŠANGULIN, as to the variety of available charter boats and great number of organised regatas, Biograd has become a meeting place for navigators from all over the world.
     Swimming in a crystal clear and clean sea is possible only one hundred and odd meters from the center of the city where vast gravel and sand beaches extend offering amusements in the shadow of centuries old pine woods. For those who prefer to be alone we adwise the wooded islands in the Pašman canal. There are beaches in Biograd for every wish and age.
     The city in the center of the Adriatic is a promised land for people who want to enjoy the crystal clear sea in dinamic and interesting vacation. For such guests, the citizens of Biograd have built a modern tennis center and  other sports leisure such as aquagan, water skiing, surfing, boat peddling, rent-a-boat, volleyball on sand, scuba diving, handball, basketball, boulles, mini golf, mini soccer, etc.